Millions of our countrymen who are impoverished and homeless, live on streets. They are victims of causes like poverty, disability, unemployment etc. The most vulnerable among the homeless are the sick, who have no resources to avail medical treatment. Destitute women are prone to sexual exploitation. The situation of mentally ill is also precarious. More than anyone else, children who are homeless desperately need a caring  environment, so that they can grow up as productive citizens of the country. 

Many of these people found in very vulnerable and unhygienic conditions and showed the signs of mental disturbance or some sever illness.

Prabh Aasra provides the care and treatment which they needed by helping them in their quest for a normal, happy, comfortable, purposeful and fulfilling life. In order to handle any emergency situation in Society, the 24/7 ambulances as well as   nursing staff facilities are provided to all the inhabitants. Some of the inhabitants of the society needed regular check ups and medicines  as prescribed by doctors, this need is fulfilled by the Society’s own hired doctors.  

 Prabh aasra treats them just as their family members by full filling any  need of theirs. Even the people who are at the death beads and rejected by hospitals for any care and treatment are also being sheltered by the Society. These are those souls who mainly need love and affection during their last stage of life. As the old aged people who have worked hard in their life some times could not get the service which they needed during their last stage years. Prabh Aasra tried its best to make them feel like their second home where they can share their experience and live their last stage years with dignity. And also it is being ensured that they leave the earth in peace with dignity by performing all its rituals by the Sanstha as like a family.