Support the Needy by Free Medical camps

Medical Camps List

Date of Medical CampList of Items Distributed/ Check up Facilities
6-Jan-20211000 to 1200 medicines to the needy
22-Jan-2020300 common medical checkup (Eye check up, psychiatric & other general check ups) and free medicines provided


to 31-Jan-2021

Medicinal Check-ups (ECG, Diabetic Checkup, Toilet Vans and Oxygen Concentration machine)
24-Feb-2021Medical Check-Ups by the Specialized Doctors

As for medical health camp services, Dr. Amrit Singh MD Cardiologist from California (USA) treated people’s sufferings from diseases for 3 days a week in Mid of March to Mid of April Month,2021.

Tree Plantation

Environmental Activity: 200 plants were purchased and planted. Taking care and watering the plants and removing weeds work from time to time.

Climate change is no longer a future threat. It’s happening now.

We see it in more frequent extreme weather like floods, droughts and storms. These destroy homes, habitats and livelihoods and they’re a leading cause of rising hunger levels around the world. No nation, no matter how rich, is immune to the damage climate change is causing. We are trying to support families around the world who rely on farming and those whose livelihoods are at risk from climate change. Here are some examples of our work helping communities adapt to the climate crisis. To keep the environment clean and pollution free till date 7500 saplings were distributed among villagers, students and volunteers for plantation and 2500 were planted by the Society Team. Students of our society are also taught methods of organic farming. Dam Silt Cleaning: Majri Dam lake silt was removed to de chock the buried pipelines and the water supply to the fields was revived. The dam was out of work for the last seven years as the silt got deposited in its wells and pipelines due to lack of preventive maintenance. The dam was a multi lac rupees project made to conserve rain water for irrigation. The villagers complained many times to the concerned department to sort out the problem but they were told it is difficult to restart the dam. The dam silt, approximately 20 feet, was removed within 10 days. The main well was raised to three feet and a new pipeline was laid. Later on the concerned department praised the work done by the Society and ensured the technical help in future.

Renovation of Hospital

To start providing treatment facilities by starting the first phase of its administration as most of the Govt. hospitals, OPDs have been shut down because of excess of Covid cases.

Universal Disabled CareTaker Social Welfare Society( Regd.)

has started this charitable hospital for the emergency services to the needy people.

Prabh Aasra has started working on this project to provide medical facilities to the needy people in case of emergency to save valuable lives. As treatment is very costly for the poor or underprivileged who can’t afford the costs of diagnosis or treatment & mostly die in vain. In today’s time of epidemic conditions due to Covid-19 Chandigarh hospitals are full with Covid positive cases and they are rejecting patients suffering from general acute conditions which sometimes leads to their death. So it’s an emergency to start such a project within no time. 

The provide all the medical facilities , the renovation of the hospital is still under process

Eye OT, Gyne Ward, Ramp, Big-OT are under construction. To complete all these facilities, we need to renovate the Hospital Building. 

To promote health care including OPDs care, clinical as well as medical care

and various other awareness programs are being run on campus and even outside in villages, from time to time by health experts. 


Often  babies are found in ditches and garbage pits; some are alive others are dead. So, Prabh Asra being registered as child care Institute (CCI) to provide health care services 24 * 7 to encourage parents to put their babies into a cradle and not abandon or kill them.  Sensors are installed in the cradle whenever someone puts a child into it, it sounds an alarm, besides sending a call automatically to the phone number fed in it. . As not all daughters are welcomed, so cradle was installed at the Prabh Aasra gate to stop female foeticide in 2007. 

Children rescued under the cradle Baby scheme have been rehabilitated under adoption programmers by CARA by the orders of District Child Welfare Committee after DCPO’s verification. Prabh Asra has so far received 15 children at the cradle and 3 others were rescued from roadside footpaths.

The infants who got saved by the cradle have provided the joy which can’t be explained into words.