Renovation of Hospital

To start providing treatment facilities by starting the first phase of its administration as most of the Govt. hospitals, OPDs have been shut down because of excess of Covid cases.

Universal Disabled CareTaker Social Welfare Society( Regd.)

has started this charitable hospital for the emergency services to the needy people.

Prabh Aasra has started working on this project to provide medical facilities to the needy people in case of emergency to save valuable lives. As treatment is very costly for the poor or underprivileged who can’t afford the costs of diagnosis or treatment & mostly die in vain. In today’s time of epidemic conditions due to Covid-19 Chandigarh hospitals are full with Covid positive cases and they are rejecting patients suffering from general acute conditions which sometimes leads to their death. So it’s an emergency to start such a project within no time. 

The provide all the medical facilities , the renovation of the hospital is still under process

Eye OT, Gyne Ward, Ramp, Big-OT are under construction. To complete all these facilities, we need to renovate the Hospital Building. 

To promote health care including OPDs care, clinical as well as medical care

and various other awareness programs are being run on campus and even outside in villages, from time to time by health experts. 

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