Construction of Langar hall

Prabh Aasra has been working for the welfare of the society since its inception in 2004. With the care, treatment and rehabilitation. As on date there are more than 400 inhabitants residing in the society. The increasing inflow of residents is creating an urgency for us to expand our infrastructure to provide them the necessary services. As for making food for such a large number of people, we need to switch over to new kitchen appliances and areas, so that we can fulfill their basic need for food. We are currently using our cooking system to its full capacity. For establishing a Big langar hall as per the current needs we have started the construction of Langar hall project. Any kind of support from anyone will be highly appreciated inorder to make it worth and complete.

This building will help us to accommodate

This project will also help us in order to provide cooked food to the migrants and other needy persons who can not afford to have one or two meals a day.

No. of meals per day: 1800 (includes 3 times meal of a day)

Cost of cooking per day: 2800.00 INR

With the big insfrastudentre and boilers this cost will reduce to 1800 INR.

Needed for completing its construction is Rs. 5 crore (approx.)

Currently we have invested  Rs.3 crore  which is showing us a barrier to make it complete.

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