Often  babies are found in ditches and garbage pits; some are alive others are dead. So, Prabh Asra being registered as child care Institute (CCI) to provide health care services 24 * 7 to encourage parents to put their babies into a cradle and not abandon or kill them.  Sensors are installed in the cradle whenever someone puts a child into it, it sounds an alarm, besides sending a call automatically to the phone number fed in it. . As not all daughters are welcomed, so cradle was installed at the Prabh Aasra gate to stop female foeticide in 2007. 

Children rescued under the cradle Baby scheme have been rehabilitated under adoption programmers by CARA by the orders of District Child Welfare Committee after DCPO’s verification. Prabh Asra has so far received 15 children at the cradle and 3 others were rescued from roadside footpaths.

The infants who got saved by the cradle have provided the joy which can’t be explained into words.

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