Major Mentally Disturbed: Got care and love

Sixty year old Poonam was referred to Prabh Aasra by GMCH 32 Hospital. She had naked scap with lots of magots. According to doctors she had a severe accident and after that she didn’t take care of her wounds, which deteriorated her condition and someone left her at hospital. From the hospital she ran away thrice and was not in mentally healthy condition. She used to get aggressive off & on. On 07-09-2018 she was again admitted in hospital and this time she was bound to bed for her treatment. She also had frsh burnt skin above her chest and lower back area. She was not able to retrieve her address & was said to be unknown according to the records of the hospital. Hospital authorities claimed that she didn’t have any relatives to take care of her. So, she needed to be sent somewhere home for care. At the time of her admission on 11th sept 2018. She had a wound of 6X5 cm with Maggots still in her head and eyes. Regular treatment, care and dressing improved her condition very fast and within a few months she was normal but  mentally still she was under the effect of illness. She is under psychiatric treatment. As when she was able to tell us her address we contacted her family and after the recognition of her family on 12/19/2019 she was handed over to her whereabouts.

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