Original names are changed with imaginary names for privacy reasons.

Dildar Singh who was a judge by profession was suffering from a mental disorder along with his family. He was survived by his wife Bhupinder Kaur, daughter Harpreet Kaur and son Manjeet Singh in the house no. 845 phase 3B1  Mohali. Seeing the pitiable condition of the family, the residents of the area informed the government officials about it.

This was also highlighted in the media as a result of which the district administration took action and the family was admitted to the Civil Hospital Mohali. For their proper care, the Director GMCH Sector-32 Chandigarh, in his letter recommended that the family be sheltered in Prabh Aasra for care and rehabilitation.

In May 2013, a family friend of theirs, Kunal Bhardwaj, son of Triloki Nath, a resident of Patiala, came to Prabh Aasra and expressed his desire to take the family home to take care of them and take full responsibility for them. Dildar Singh’s family also wished to go with their family friend. The proposal made by Kunal Bhardwaj was discussed on the telephone with the District Authority and Director GMCH Sector 32, Chandigarh. To stay safe, Prabh Aasra Society asked Kunal to file an affidavit stating that he would take care of the family.

He confirmed this in an affidavit “That I am taking responsibility for Dildar Singh , his wife Bhoomi Kaur and son Manjeet Singh, daughter Harpreet Kaur.” “That I will take proper care of the main family and be responsible for the protection of their self and property.”

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