An Unclaimed lady with a burnt face found in a village named Niholka, near Kurali.

(Due to privacy reasons name and address is changed.)

She was traced by a local volunteer Social Worker & informed to Police as she did not belong to Punjab. DDR was lodged & being Unknown she was sent to Prabh Aasra for admission by the local police of Kurali. Here she was admitted on 25.11.2019 & she went under care & treatment. PGI treatment was also followed up for her opened eyes & stuffy opened mouth.

They suggested plastic surgery for her in the near future. She was not able to recall her address because of depression & was also under treatment for conversions (epilepsy). About one and a half, she was able to regain her memory & told us about the village she belonged to. We traced her village through Google. It was Chaubepur of Udaipur District in Uttar Pradesh & also contacted local police of that district. Through Police Pradhan of that village informed the brother of Rano with our contact on 18th Jan 2020. Her brother talked with us & Rano. He reached Prabh Aasra on 21th Jan 2020 to take her sister back home. When we asked her brother the whole story of Rano we came to know about the accident.

According to her brother Sh. Amit Kumar S/o Sh. Sobaran R/o Gram Chaubepur, Teh. & Distt. Sitapur, P.S. Khainrabad, UP stated that he was married in the year 2011. One day in 2013 her wife went to her parents & fought with her mother. Or reaching back home she committed suicide in our house. On this, her parents complained to us & I was arrested with my mom, dad and eight months old son. My sister was left as she was already an epileptic patient & was not mentally fit. My mother along with the baby was kept in jail for 64 days, my father remained behind bars for 8 months, whereas I was retained in jail for 18 months. He further stated after the release of my mother, my sister was staying with her. One day the mother of the girl had gone out of the house in connection with the same job, her daughter Rano started to cook & she met with an accident while cooking because her face fell in the pot she was cooking with. She was under treatment when she left home. Amit claimed that he was still in jail at that time.

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