Current Projects

Construction of Lanagr hall Building:

Prabh Aasra has been working for the welfare of the society since its inception in 2004. With the care, treatment and rehabilitation.

Renovation of Hospital

To start providing treatment facilities by starting the first phase of its administration as most of the Govt. hospitals, OPDs have been shut down because of excess of Covid cases.

Construction of Jhenjeri Branch

As the number of inhabitants are increasing to accommodate them, Prabh Aasra is expanding the Jhanjeri Branch so that we could accommodate them over there.


To provide help and rehabilitation opportunities to the other persons the Pherurain branch is constricted in order to facilitate the rehabilitation and shelter to the needy citizens.


Prabh Aasra made an effort to reach out to the poor, downtrodden, and homeless with the help of Police, Social Worker and local Volunteers.

Tree Plantation

Environmental Activity:

200 plants were purchased and planted. Taking care and watering the plants and removing weeds work from time to time.

Support the Needy by Free Medical camps

As for medical health camp services, Dr. Amrit Singh MD Cardiologist from California (USA) treated people’s sufferings from diseases for 3 days a week in Mid of March to Mid of April Month,2021.

Covid- Wards

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