Is Ngo/ Hospital providing an adoption facility?

No, NGO could not provide any adoption facility as it is illegal. 

No, the adoption directly from the hospital is an illegal adoption and not permitted under law. There are penal provisions of imprisonment and fine specified under Section 80 of the Juvenile Justice Act 2015. 

All the adoption procedures need to be followed by either of the two methods:

Online Mode-

Offline Mode-

a.     Online Mode:

The person/ couple who wants to adopt a child, then they need to contact the District child welfare Committee. So that they can register online. The procedure proceeds on a sonority basis. No one can directly approach any Ngo or child adoption agency as it is an illegal procedure. 

b.     Offline Mode:

If a couple/ person is willing to make an adoption of a particular child then they can directly approach their Tehsil/ District & make a registered adoption.

As the adoption of  children and registration of parents are done on centralized CARING software managed by CARA (Central Adoption Resource Authority, a nodal agency to monitor and regulate in-country and intra-country adoption and is a part of the Ministry of women and child care.

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