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unclaimed man: no place to live

Amar Singh, aged 65 years, is referred for admission to Prabh Aasra society by G.M.C.H, Sector-32 Chandigarh.

Stately by police personals, he is found as an unclaimed old aged citizen during their investigation. He was sick and admitted to hospital by police. The hospital authorities have discharged him from the hospital after some diagnosis and have sent for shelter to the Prabh Aasra society. The person being unclaimed is admitted for care and treatment. At the time of admission he was having spinal disk problem. On that basis, he was taken for check up to Govt. Civil Hospital, but because of Corona Pandemic, hospital authorities did not admitted him due to rush of Corona Patients. So, he was admitted to Private Hospital for operation with charges more than 40, 000 rupees. After his operation, he is being provided care and treatment by the Prabh Aasra society.

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