no home: in old age difficulties

Maqbool Masih Negi, who was about 83 years old, was admitted by some social activist members of Shivalik City Kharar on 17-04-2021 at Prabh Aasra Society with the help of the administration. In the evening. On enquiring about him we come to know that Masih was a  PhD scholar in Bible and has spent most of his time working as a Christian missionary.

Masih’s family included his wife and two children who are no longer in this world. As a result, there is no one to take care of him right now. After his family died, he sold his house and to help his relative given him money, which did not return to him and he became homeless too.

Out of pity for his condition, a social worker named Nirmala Verma has been caring for Masih for the last three years, but now that Masih was older he needs a lot of care as it was very difficult to get him to the bathroom which as a woman, she is unable to do. Nirmala Verma and social workers contacted various old age homes but no one came to their aid. So he was admitted here to Prabh Aasra for care, treatment, and rehabilitation. But on the very next day, due to sudden difficulty in breathing, they were referred to GMCH-32 Mohali. He was found Covid Positive. They were also kept on a ventilator for 3 days. But Masih passed away on 22.5.2021.

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