Left into cradle: A Blind Infant

17the May 2017 One of the taxi drivers brought an unknown blind baby at the gate to drop her in the cradle. The security guard told him to come inside & have a talk with management. He said I can’t talk with them but I can tell where I found this baby from. He said he was on the way back home from a long route drive & was feeling sleepy, so he parked his car beside a MC Park in Mohali & went to sleep in his car. In the morning at about 6am he heard the bitter voice of a child. When he went close to the voice he saw a small baby was laid abandoned in the thorny bushes in the park & dogs were roaming beside her.

He took the baby out of bushes & brought to drop the baby in a cradle as he knew Prabh Aasra would take care of the abandoned & she is safe in their hands. He went away after dropping & telling the story to guard. 

Guard informed Bibi Rajinder Kaur ji immediately & when the custody of the child was taken . It was seen that the baby is blind & even her left eye was swollen & blue also having rashes of thorns on her face but by God’s  grace she was in safe hands. She was taken to hospital for treatment. Further the police & CWC were informed regarding official formalities. She was given name as Prabh Sirat by Prabh Aasra & soon on 18th She was shifted in Adoption Agency through CWC Mohali.

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